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Behind The Top 1 Ack Attack
Mike Akatiff: Designer of the Top 1 Ack Attack, owner and founder of Ack Technologies, motorcycle racer, machinist, mechanic, and parts builder. In 2001, Akatiff became intrigued with the land speed record and the idea of breaking it and so with dedicated friends began work on the streamliner known as Ack Attack .
  • Ken Puccio: Crew Chief, spent numerous hours welding the chromoly steel frame and fabricating sheet metal parts.
  • Frank Milburn: Chief Machinist with 50 years of experience.
  • Greg Akatiff: Data collection and handled all of the onboard video, cockpit recording, and engine management system.
  • Jim True: One of the first member of the team and experience land-speed racer who worked on frame fabrication.
  • Ken Mort: A former NASA employee who has tremendous amount of practical aerodynamic knowledge.
  • Rocky Robinson (2006-current): The current rider of the Top 1 Ack Attack and the rider for each of the record-breaking runs, on September 3, 2006, September 26, 2008, and September 25, 2010.

  • Sam Wheeler (2006): The third Top 1 Ack rider and SCTA record-holder, who rode the bike during its trip to Australia in 2006.

    The quest for the ultimate motorcycle land speed record is a challenging and dangerous pursuit. The Top 1 Ack Attack Team was saddened to hear our good friend Sam Wheeler was killed testing his streamliner at Bonneville July 25, 2016. Sam was a great competitor, passionate about Land Speed Racing and most importantly he was a true gentleman and wonderful person to be around. He spirit will live on forever.

  • John Noonan (2005): The second rider of the Top 1 Ack Attack, who was also featured in a Discovery Channel documentary that covered riders at the Bonneville.
  • Jimmy Odom (2004-2005): The first Top 1 Ack Attack rider who was also involved in its development.
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