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The Machine - Top1 Ack Attack. The fastest motorcycle streamliner in history. Read More...
The Record - 376.4mph FIM accredited international motorcycle land-speed record. Read More...
The Target - To be the first motorcycle to top 400mph!
The Place - Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The biggest salt flat on Earth 4000sq miles at 12,500ft
The Event - The top of the World Landspeed Trial: August 3-8th 2017.
The Team - Designer / Owner Mike Akatiff. Rider Rocky Robinson. Read More...
Watch the Ack Attack team on their journey to Bolivia and 400mph Read More...
Our cameras will follow the team every step of the way from workshop to Bolivia
Trailer: Watch Now Ep.1: History
Ep.2: The Search for a new racetrack Ep.3: Aerodynamics
Ep.4: Ready for 400mph  
Ack Attack - Facts & Figures
Record Speed: 376.4mph / 605.7kmph
Powerplant: Dual 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa
Turbo: Custom Garret turbocharger 35lbs boost
Horsepower: 900
Displacement: 2499cc
Lubricant: Top1 Evolution Ack Attack Special
Drag Coefficient: 071
Records: 3 time FIM world's fastest motorcycle
Frame:  1 1/4" Chromoly tubing
Body: Carbon fiber
Fuel: 118 octane gasoline
Tires: Mickey Thompson
Wheels: 7075 billet aluminum
EMS: Motec
Pistons:  CP
Rods: Carrillo
Primary Drive: Ramsey RPV chain
Estimated Top Speed: 440 mph+
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