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Making of The Top 1 Ack Attack
The Top 1 Ack Attack is a uniquely constructed land-speed record streamliner motorcycle, which holds the record for world's fastest motorcycle with a two-way average speed of 605.697 km/h (376.363 mph).
Ack Attack's bullet-shaped chassis is made from chromoly tubing. Two 1299c Suzuki Hayabusa motors that use Carrillo rods, CP pistons, and a Garrett turbocharger power it. The available combined horsepower is 1,000+. The machine runs on tires by Mickey Thompson rated to 500+ mph.
Ramsey RPV chains combine the power of the two engines that is transferred to the rear wheel by duel Regina 530 ZRP Oring chains that are water cooled. The Motec engine management system controls all engine parameters and let the team know how much up or down force in present in each wheel and it also measures front and rear wheel speed for calculating tire slippage, engine rpm, and suspension position at front and rear.
The cockpit has conventional controls: right side throttle, left side nitrogen assisted clutch, and shifting by foot or air. The brake hand lever is on the right and operates the high-speed parachute and low speed parachute, the foot brake is on the left.
The center hub steering arrangement on the machine provides 12 degrees of steering each side of center. There is also a steering dampener operated by the driver's foot.
There are two distinct chutes in the Ack Attack machine. A high-speed type that deploys at 330 mph and above which provides 1.3Gs of force and a larger low speed chute used in case of emergency. Both chutes deploy automatically if the bike tips more than 45 degrees.
There a pair of 6-piston disc brakes at the rear, which are cooled by ice water from the inter cooler. For additional safety the machine is equipped with a 9-point safety harness, arm restraint, and two halogen fire control systems.
Top 1 Ack Attack Specifications
Vehicle Type: single-seat, streamliner motorcycle
Body: carbon fiber
Aerodynamic drag CD: 0.121 measured 0 beta with rear doors
Frame: chrome-moly 4130 tubing
Power plant: twin, Suzuki Hayabusa, in-line, four-cylinder, engines
Material: aluminum cylinder blocks and heads; water-cooled
Crankshaft: forged, fully counterweighted, gear-driven counterbalance shaft
Valve train: double overhead cam, chain driven
Valve design: four valves per cylinder, bucket followers
Intake system: single, exhaust-driven, turbocharger and waste gate; water-cooled, intake-air intercooler
Turbocharger boost: up to 30psi
Fuel system: Motec EMS
Ignition system: Motec EMS
Lubrication system: dry sump
Total Displacement: 2598cc
Bore: 3.2in/81.0mm
Stroke 2.5in/63.0mm
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Horsepower (SAE net): 1,000+
Max. engine speed: 10,500rpm
Transmission: Six-speed gearbox for each engine
Clutch: multi-plate, wet (coupled hydraulic action nitrogen assisted)

Front: 7075 aluminum swing arm, Penske coil-over shocks
Rear: 7075 aluminum swing arm, Penske coil-over shocks
Center hub 24 degrees lock to lock
Ratio 2.0:1
Brakes: Double disc-rear, water cooled, six piston calipers

Wheels (in) 7075 aluminum two piece:
Front: 7X16
Rear: 9X18

Tires (in) Mickey Thompson
Front: 7X16X24.5
Rear: 9X18X30

Exterior dimensions:
Wheelbase: 12.0ft
Length: 20.5ft with doors
Height: 32.0in
Curb weight: 1617 lb empty

Capacities (U.S. gal):
Engine oil tank: 2.0L each
Engine coolant tank: 30.0 gal
Inter cooler water tank: 15.0 gal
Fuel tank: 4.7 gal

Top Speed: 400-450 mph estimated
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